Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Students this year, real salary levels Jiemi fresh

On Haibeiere Carter: 8w / y Master (including benefits)

Lucent Technologies Qingdao: 7.5k / m Shuo

Lucent Beijing: 9.6k / m Shuo

Cisco Shanghai: 9w / y Shuo

: +800 5000 Master

Ericsson Beijing: 6500 pre-tax

Siemens AD: 3200

CLP Master Cellon 5050 +800 +150

Datang Mobile 5500 +900 (car meeting room up food subsidies)

Tang Hing Tang 3650 / m Master

Master of Tai Tang Xinwei R & D 5500 +900

Ruisikangda trial 5k, regularized 6k, subsidies of several hundred, MA

Master Restoration 5750

鏁扮爜瑙嗚 4500锛?000 纭曞+

Adelia 6k (avivi)

娓咕 4500锛?00 纭曞+


Beijing Unicom: Master of 4000 +2000 / M

Taiyuan, China Unicom: internship 3000 / M undergraduate

Shanghai Unicom: to positive after the 10W / Y (Jiafu Li)

Hebei Unicom:

3-6 months probation probationary period of 1 year probation during the probationary period, probation small 850, and then to positive posts and get bonus probationary period of 0.5, the lowest level clerk is generally 1 to 4 post set up only into a post, a post post 9504 wage 1950 wage, bonuses accounted for 50% of salary, made 13 months, year-end holidays, the rest is grant money for issuing a

Dongguan Telecom: books internship 4W / Y, to positive 7 ~ 8W / Y (including basic salary and bonus)

Guangzhou Telecom: Not specifically, but said the average 9W. Payroll / number. Tax

Shenzhen Telecom: the first year of 6W. Regularized after the 9W. Tax

涓婃捣缃戦?:杞鍚?2W/Y 锛堝姞绂忓埄锛?br />
Taiyuan Netcom :1500-1600


Books internship for 6 months, 1k2 / M

Turned positive after 7 posts, 2k + / M (usually hand all together, and not year-end)


寰蒋:SDE14w/y SDET 12.5w/y

Tencent: 10w / y Master 7w / y this

Baidu: R & D 13w / y Master business class is very low

Google: 16k / m Shuo

Shanda: 4000 undergraduate, master 5500.3 month internship. Practice of treatment for the full 80%




6 months probation period, training 10/18 weeks (short / long-term, depending on whether the computer, software professionals may be), during 2.5k / m (undergraduate) computers, software for 3k, regularized separately.鍙?3涓湀钖按锛屽叾涓13涓湀涓哄叏骞存渶楂樼殑涓?宸ヨ祫銆?br />

BenQ: about 2500

ASUS: about 3000

VIA:7000/m 鎻愪緵瀹胯垗 纭曞+ 4000/m 鏈湰 鎻愪緵瀹胯垗 浼欓琛ュ姪250


Sony Tokyo 25w / y

intel:鐮斿彂 鐮?8k*16 锛堢◣鍓嶅熀鏈伐璧勶級

IBM CDL: research 7.5k * 14 (pre-tax minimum wage)

IBM Sales: research 5.8k * 14 (pre-tax minimum wage)

Lenovo: 4000 pre-tax.

Lenovo Research Institute: 5300 Master

Founder Electronics 5k Master, but only 70% fat, and the remaining 30% bonus

HP: SALES, 5300 pre-tax


All four: the 5k * 13 master 5.3k * 13 (pre-tax minimum wage)

Morgan Stanley: We 25w / y (pre-tax minimum wage)


China Merchants Bank in Shenzhen head office trainee 100 / Y after-tax

Four banks head office: the second year to positive after the 10W / Y

HSBC: 7800 pre-tax


NESTLE: 4200 pre-tax

P & G: 6200 undergraduate, graduate 7200, Ph.D. 9000

MARS: 9150 pre-tax

LOREAL: 4000 + pre-tax



EMERSON: 7000 pre-tax R & D sales, the basic wage 4K + 2K bonus about a variety of benefits, pre-tax

Maersk: the basic wage 5.5K / M, pre-tax

3 School 33 in the first year 5W, 7W second year

Master of Aviation Data Communication 4500 (End of the World Community)


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