Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Team spirit team under distorted collective quit tragedy

Currently, M & A movement surged, acquisition of Yahoo China, Alibaba, BenQ Siemens acquisition, Shanda Sina M, Lenovo acquisition of IBM and other large-scale shock caused by mergers and acquisitions, many enterprises are facing a crisis team to move on.
Collective quit is not news, then there are assistant president of Founder Group, Founder Technology Xian-Feng Zhou carrying 30 technicians joined the PC sector, Hisense, TCL mobile phones recently, it was rumored by Wan Jianming, the top division the "inspired" the group switched to Changhong, after Lu Jianghua when leaving Skyworth, with a group of people to own business; "bully" Duan Yongping leave, the large group of the same people co-founded the "backgammon." Niu Gensheng in Erie, "laid off" after 6 years to build up a larger Mengniu.
Quit the team due to a huge shock, enough to make any old club tremble in fear. "The most intimate friends, is the most dangerous enemy." Prophecies itinerant film, unfortunately, become a reality in the enterprise. Former comrade in arms, suddenly become the enemy, and the enemy all familiar with their advantages and disadvantages, it is undoubtedly the most terrible thing.
For the professional manager who, in any case, Cheng pulls back, the fetters of life is always, always, today anti-Ge, it is difficult to cover up the pain of mind have regrets.
How to prevent the team quit business, professional managers to go and stay in the trade-off between, are the subject of general concern.
- Case offers: Luo Jian method
Analysis of the team quit the source:
Surely we can all see the above cases the background, so the team disintegrated, hey, do people feel very sorry. Well, today, I would like to question the team's collective quit talking about some of the unique feelings in another way.
I do not know from the beginning when we started more and more attention to team spirit, and thus be "Wolf Team", "Wolf Totem" and other terms related to team management in the enterprise sector began to widely popular. Together with a number of experts and lecturers strongly advocated and promoted much of a "team will flourish, individuals will perish" trend.
In fact, this is a completely on the team, "metaphysical" way of understanding, even a distorted extreme. But the real team spirit in the team, while the collective cooperation to fully take into account the unique advantages of each individual. If solely emphasizing teamwork is undoubtedly the ruthless stifle individual strengths. Mengchangjun Ha diners then thousands, but necessary, "Jiminggoudao" apprentice has played a key role, imagine if Mengxiong stressed at the outset of qualified customers, the audit standard, then these "Jiminggoudao" The only bound to very early be washed off, the remaining team is a bunch of strong, highly unified standard mediocrity. Similarly, fairy tale of the "Eight Immortals" also has its own unique skills, but if provided must be when we are advancing visual front, then "down donkey" and Zhang will be ordered off the old house in order.
Here, you might think that this has no connection with the team switched ah, does not. Full disclosure of the above analysis is an important source of the team quit - that is, from the initial audit team selection criteria when the high degree of unity (Obey me into, against me out), Ebb Tide in repeated slowly to the small screen part of the team leaders in a "free state" is not obedient members has resulted in the "active" members of the team leaders, team high obedience and reliance. This is the most popular words with a description is: "What is the Master, what to bring out the disciples." From this point of view, the team members of the team leaders had a "spiritual godfather"-like hallucinations. So once the team leaders to find another job, there will be a bunch of "Gen Pichong" like being pulled by a curious coincidence to follow the same soul away. For individual team members, this is undoubtedly a loss of self-sorrow.
In the natural state of perfect competition, the lions and tigers have always been a loner, and ants bees are often in groups. We often see people in the emotion of the hard-working ants and bees teamwork, but no one can deny the bravery and powerful lions and tigers, and now, we might come back to be a reverse thinking: who would fierce emotion over the ants and bees powerful it? This is understandable when you have too much emphasis on team spirit will no doubt play suppress the real cause of the individual.
Another source is from China, passed down for thousands of "selfishness" and give to people on the "organization" to produce a natural awe and dependence. From ancient times, all walks of life, people do things while in a free obsession is finding a worthy home for "organization", the opposite if floating about, then do not always have a sense of security. For example, I had the time to work in the business although wages are not high, but my parents and friends Doukua I am capable, and now I am an independent business income despite the doubling time of no less than 5 times, but always make you feel insecure. Similarly, business, if it is a collective enterprise was to respect, and if the person is an individual business was looked down upon; in the work unit, a flat performance for people who are very "likeable", will you think This man is true, not consciously to help him shield, and a maverick who is not even the "offenders" have often been "captious"; in government agencies and other institutions, it is extremely obvious, normal employees to do things not only do their work even more to consider themselves "stand in" is correct, if the "station of the team" can "trees are good for shade," and even commit a mistake even to get rid of people may say " again "or" law is not responsible for the masses ", but once the" wrong side ", then tend to back bad luck, Gesanchawu to someone making things difficult, hard to turn over a very long time. As the saying goes: "涓?湞澶╁瓙涓?湞鑷?, once "the Son of Heaven," the trend has changed, the original "veteran" who would panic, all anxious, we are all "get the picture" to know that they have no "backing" the. Once this time has a little room for change, these veteran will naturally follow the original "master" away. And there is an interesting phenomenon: the original in the "old masters" more loyal to the people there, but now in the "new masters" here on the "death" sooner, so everyone has to "take precautionary measures," early "retire" , to save was not "good fruit" to eat. This is the collective team quit the psychological roots.
The third source is from the team leader's own empiricism and lazy behavior. If you assume that they find another job are counted as the team leader of professional managers, then these so-called "professional managers" to show to do is to send a high degree of non-professional. Because they do not consciously showing a very narrow their lazy behavior, they always think that after all, who brought with them their more "smoothly", to convey them smoother, teach them more obedient. If re-joined the company on a new team domestication and rectification, is undoubtedly a great effort to charge, and even then may not be good also effective, Nongbu Hao "below" Gao Ge "mutiny" will themselves to "take into account." So, with this, why not? Altogether, or to their old unit to the "Fudge" come, so we all worry save trouble. Ever will not hesitate to use "beauty + bars + senior officials" and other despicable acts of high promise of the original units of the old unit to the "Fudge" Come.
Therefore, it is actually followed the original empirical behavior is a lack of awareness of the lazy performance challenge. It should be emphasized that the real good men in the original unit may have done well and will not be so easy for a call that should of. And called for them in those old men, are often not much better. Really good professional managers to attend to even the single-pole, a new company, but also the new men can still conditioning the well-organized.
That said, the team leaders for the following source to back for a fourth team member, said the "false loyalty and blindly follow the trend of" problem. We all know that the spirit of Ah Q and its image of a "spiritual victory", but if you re in-depth study of original works of Lu Xun, "The Story of Ah Q", we can easily find a harsh irony, he had a kind of blindly follow the trend of thought common folk - do not know Ah Q in the "revolution of the mass" and "revolution is really" the case would sleepwalk to join the revolutionary army with you to the revolution. The idea that blindly follow suit if the performance of the team which is a kind of "pseudo-loyalty." Since ancient times, Chinese people advocating "persons as confidante to die," and "friends Liangleichadao, Take a shot" and "generous attempts move" Therefore, it evolved out of an extreme "blind loyalty" tragedy.
In today's corporate management, a team leader in office when it started to come with "smart" subordinate to come frequently, "Table loyalty," Once the leadership has shock but not leave, because at that time it is very difficult to determine whether leadership can "safely out of danger", would soon have a bunch of "loyal good will" come consolation that "no matter how the oldest trend, we are willing to follow", this time not to "that follow" Instead, all people will be ridiculed as the "duplicity" or "jumped on the bandwagon." Later, once the wind survived, leadership will be soon back to "clean up" these "disloyal" person. Of course, if the leading end is really the wayside, while those who had not, "said to follow" the diehards would become the "new Korean veterans," the original "that follow" and then either go back on relying on the "new masters", or completely lost on to continue the opportunity to really have to "follow" has left.
However, I prefer to believe that it is such a "hidden logic": those "that follow" people, most of them are only in a special "political climate" flashed down a "false loyalty" and gesture. The last resort only "self-fulfilling prophecy" come "displaced" to follow the away. So people who really follow away,
On Mengniu's "myth" and Niu Gensheng of the "story", whether the media or Fang Jian, the version has a lot of rumors, but the caliber has been remarkably consistent, generally is a kind of beautifying effect. Nothing more than "a cow ran out of rocket speed - International Finance, Hong Kong-listed", "Event marketing - Shenzhou Flying, Super Girl," "ox Fund - Financial scattered people together, people gathering wealth accumulation", etc. . The scores on the old ox and Lao Zheng, are also surprisingly "asymmetrical" is simply "how much Jixianduneng Lao Zheng, and how much money they loose cow people together" and so on. By the end of September at Tsinghua University "challenge entrepreneurs" dialogue, I have also heard the cow on the spot often casually say: "I was dismissed after the original company ... ..." to the group. While all this is true, but if we are to re-examine from another point of these grievances, it is not difficult to trace delicate issue.
If the cow is due to "cover the main high-power" was Lao Zheng "exile", so had to start, this Shangju understandable; but if that cow away then follow the other Erie veteran are also being Lao Zheng to the "persecution" to go, I do not believe killing. Well, now the question is: who had done hard about Lao Zheng did not wrong them, but the cow was removed from office, why they are, hey they all follow them out? If the standing cow's standards are the call of nature is the charisma to make everyone "Yoshiomi Optional Pearl", but if standing Lao Zheng standard view? These people will also "duplicity, jumped on the bandwagon" mean? Will they one day in the future from cow and "the other branches of habitat," then?
Zhang Huiting Comments:
Overall perspective, we will see a very interesting phenomenon: actively encourage everyone, from the initial team building to strengthen team spirit, to the middle of the process of forming "an authority outside the system" to form "big group to a small group" , then later based thinking, lazy behavior, until the final shape of the de facto "the main function of high earthquake", and completely out of control. All this gradually clear out the evolution of a "actively promote - the subjective connivance - unconsciously - completely out of control" of the ridiculous is derived, and all have themselves to blame, retribution, and not worthy of sympathy!
The team had brought about because of over-preaching "extremes meet" distortions to make them the original "kind" of team members to become high "fence" as the "duplicity" and "Kangaroo", always follow the leadership of jumping around. Thus, only take certain measures to avoid, to effectively control this vicious situation. For example, do a good job centralization and decentralization of the game, to enhance people's professional regulatory power, through effective decentralization of power to dismantle the capacity of people in order to dilute his appeal; and strengthen the capacity of individual types of employees encouraged to play, so that the capacity of people in different aspects of being rooted in the work, in order to find the sense of accomplishment, pride and sense of belonging, strengthen the sense of ownership and so we are after all appropriate means, The more effective way of , on the other again in a later article described it separately.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Students this year, real salary levels Jiemi fresh

On Haibeiere Carter: 8w / y Master (including benefits)

Lucent Technologies Qingdao: 7.5k / m Shuo

Lucent Beijing: 9.6k / m Shuo

Cisco Shanghai: 9w / y Shuo

: +800 5000 Master

Ericsson Beijing: 6500 pre-tax

Siemens AD: 3200

CLP Master Cellon 5050 +800 +150

Datang Mobile 5500 +900 (car meeting room up food subsidies)

Tang Hing Tang 3650 / m Master

Master of Tai Tang Xinwei R & D 5500 +900

Ruisikangda trial 5k, regularized 6k, subsidies of several hundred, MA

Master Restoration 5750

鏁扮爜瑙嗚 4500锛?000 纭曞+

Adelia 6k (avivi)

娓咕 4500锛?00 纭曞+


Beijing Unicom: Master of 4000 +2000 / M

Taiyuan, China Unicom: internship 3000 / M undergraduate

Shanghai Unicom: to positive after the 10W / Y (Jiafu Li)

Hebei Unicom:

3-6 months probation probationary period of 1 year probation during the probationary period, probation small 850, and then to positive posts and get bonus probationary period of 0.5, the lowest level clerk is generally 1 to 4 post set up only into a post, a post post 9504 wage 1950 wage, bonuses accounted for 50% of salary, made 13 months, year-end holidays, the rest is grant money for issuing a

Dongguan Telecom: books internship 4W / Y, to positive 7 ~ 8W / Y (including basic salary and bonus)

Guangzhou Telecom: Not specifically, but said the average 9W. Payroll / number. Tax

Shenzhen Telecom: the first year of 6W. Regularized after the 9W. Tax

涓婃捣缃戦?:杞鍚?2W/Y 锛堝姞绂忓埄锛?br />
Taiyuan Netcom :1500-1600


Books internship for 6 months, 1k2 / M

Turned positive after 7 posts, 2k + / M (usually hand all together, and not year-end)


寰蒋:SDE14w/y SDET 12.5w/y

Tencent: 10w / y Master 7w / y this

Baidu: R & D 13w / y Master business class is very low

Google: 16k / m Shuo

Shanda: 4000 undergraduate, master 5500.3 month internship. Practice of treatment for the full 80%




6 months probation period, training 10/18 weeks (short / long-term, depending on whether the computer, software professionals may be), during 2.5k / m (undergraduate) computers, software for 3k, regularized separately.鍙?3涓湀钖按锛屽叾涓13涓湀涓哄叏骞存渶楂樼殑涓?宸ヨ祫銆?br />

BenQ: about 2500

ASUS: about 3000

VIA:7000/m 鎻愪緵瀹胯垗 纭曞+ 4000/m 鏈湰 鎻愪緵瀹胯垗 浼欓琛ュ姪250


Sony Tokyo 25w / y

intel:鐮斿彂 鐮?8k*16 锛堢◣鍓嶅熀鏈伐璧勶級

IBM CDL: research 7.5k * 14 (pre-tax minimum wage)

IBM Sales: research 5.8k * 14 (pre-tax minimum wage)

Lenovo: 4000 pre-tax.

Lenovo Research Institute: 5300 Master

Founder Electronics 5k Master, but only 70% fat, and the remaining 30% bonus

HP: SALES, 5300 pre-tax


All four: the 5k * 13 master 5.3k * 13 (pre-tax minimum wage)

Morgan Stanley: We 25w / y (pre-tax minimum wage)


China Merchants Bank in Shenzhen head office trainee 100 / Y after-tax

Four banks head office: the second year to positive after the 10W / Y

HSBC: 7800 pre-tax


NESTLE: 4200 pre-tax

P & G: 6200 undergraduate, graduate 7200, Ph.D. 9000

MARS: 9150 pre-tax

LOREAL: 4000 + pre-tax



EMERSON: 7000 pre-tax R & D sales, the basic wage 4K + 2K bonus about a variety of benefits, pre-tax

Maersk: the basic wage 5.5K / M, pre-tax

3 School 33 in the first year 5W, 7W second year

Master of Aviation Data Communication 4500 (End of the World Community)


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Monday, September 27, 2010

Tissot wave through the "Dakar"

Recently, the wave Tissot server always seems linked with the sport. August, Tissot wave machine chess battle in China over human masters Union, draw was the first person of Chinese chess Xu Yinchuan, steal the show. Residual sound unfinished war machine, September 12, Peng Zhen, general manager of another wave of server Oracle and Intel jointly announced in Beijing the first wave of Tissot worldwide, China's first international database system through a credible certification.

The International Business from the Oracle software and hardware providers such as the application according to the user, test experience and developed by some extreme conditions out of authentication system, as certified stringent and the industry known as "server Dakar Rally," said. From the man-machine war to the "Dakar Rally", the wave shows its aggressive side. As we all know, sports arena, beyond the self, and tap the potential of every player's goal, but "higher, faster, stronger" is the essence of sports competition. Similarly, the wave Tissot completed this series of challenges, the eyes are also more clearly on the high-end server market contention. "We hope that through the public display of the high tide of Tissot capacity and high reliability, rapid expansion of Tissot in the high-end business applications market for key applications." Peng Zhen said.

"Dakar" test

It was learned that the credibility of the international database system is Oracle certified in mid-June this year released the latest test specifications, all known Oracle Linux Validated Configurations (hereinafter referred to as VC certification). The certification includes three aspects: Single, RAC, Destructive testing, hardware compatibility, software and hardware functionality and overall performance cluster system such as a full range of tests on the server. The certification test the reliability of high-performance server constitutes a serious challenge.

Prestigious Dakar Rally began in 1979, 17 races last year, 11,052 km trip. Car must still frozen by the French, through the Mediterranean and the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and then challenge the death. Throughout the process, drivers must go through sand, desert, mud, road, grassland, farmland and other hard sections, the magnitude of the game far more than any other.

So on what basis VC certification is also known as the "Dakar Rally" it. It is understood, VC certification is the most outstanding feature of the limit on the server test. Including the application of this ultimate test limits and physical limits of both. In the application of limit testing to maximize the large amount of calculation and processing tasks on high-performance server stress test; and physical limits, the simulation will be no power, network and other extreme conditions to test the server.

Specifically, in the man-machine war, the wave Tissot assessment of 10 trillion chess game, in the processing unit area of 10 GB per second of switching capacity, 300 million to complete complex queries. But this showdown is verified Tissot wave in computing power and data capacity of the rapid exchange of the level. Certification in VC, Peng Zhen to a set of data: in 3 days 脳 24 hours of ERP use case testing, wave Tissot handled 200G total production, financial management data. Such a large data size, the utilization rate of the subsystem modules are pushed all the time to rise to the limit: I / O load up to 80%, CPU load 70%, 90% memory load. These figures show that, VC certification, all computing systems are beyond the scope of normal operations, the verge of system collapse.

In addition to the operation of overload, is even more surprising, VC certification also repeatedly put a man on a server or parts of the "destroy" behavior, such as hard disk out, computing unit, storage network or communications network failure, etc., further verify the platform's rapid recovery and availability.

Faced with this ordeal, wave Tissot performance then? According to the wave of mine Hu Jun, director of server technology introduced not only the wave of the successful completion of all tests, and runs very good condition. Data, Tissot system average response time under 3 seconds. "Even in the 10 instances of destructive testing, Tissot still be up against." Lei Jun Hu further stressed. Oracle China Development Center senior research manager Miss Wang Xiruo also expressed appreciation for the wave of Tissot's performance: "Wave Tissot Oracle database through credible certification, which proves the power of the wave of high-performance servers and reliability."

On the other hand, in addition to the challenges of extreme performance, VC certification also covers the key high-end server applications in various fields. It is understood that the wave of Tissot ERP applications in business, commercial CRM applications, telecommunications GPRS applications, VoIP applications, business consulting subsystem, the electronic post office, Meta Forum, health insurance and other fields have the test, and pass smoothly. "Needless to say on the performance of Tissot, one look at the first wave is the only one to be invited to participate in certification by the domestic manufacturers will be able to explain a lot of problems." In this regard, private chat after the wave of the server when the general manager of Peng Zhen said.

Wave of the dream

"For the players, the Dakar is a challenge; for people who did not participate in, Dakar is a dream." This is the founder of the Dakar Rally on the Dakar, the French driver Zelisabin Rally interpretation, Peng Zhen was also used to express feelings through the VC certification. At this point, the wave of Tissot, for Peng Zhen, the "Dakar" has been conquered, waves of people's dreams back to the most fundamental areas.

"Development of high-end server has been our dream wave of people." Peng Zhen in his toast to repeat the words again. As Peng Zhen said, Tissot from the release wave will begin eyeing the business computing. The major challenge for business computing in the financial, telecommunications, taxation, public security and so the demand for super-server. On the one hand, they demand higher computing power; the other hand, also requires ability to provide uninterrupted service. This requires that used in the financial, telecommunications, business and other fields not only need high server capacity, but also to provide uninterrupted for its support. Second pause, or any services, the time delay, will bring a decline in customer satisfaction or money losses.

In the Chinese market, the traditional high-end server market has been dominated by international brands, domestic enterprises to international brand recognition even to the extent of superstition. IT procurement popular among people with this sentence: "to buy international brand, something wrong with the server issues; buy domestic brand, break down is the responsibility of procurement officers." Undeniably, the international brand in the high-end server market did walk in the front, then wave of people's dream but also * how to achieve it?

Down to earth, challenge the limit, the pursuit of recognition, this is the wave of Hu Lei Jun person is given by way of a dream. In order to meet customer demand, the wave Tissot constantly to prove himself in various ways. If the Competition on Huashan Mountain-style man-machine war wave of Tissot demonstrated superior computing power, high-end technology to its success the brand image, then through the VC certification wave Tissot industrial users to demonstrate the reliability of the wave of Tissot and credibility.

In this regard, Hu said Lei Jun, the high-end server market is a circle, in order to enter this circle, must make their own brand. After many tests, however, is a brand and a lot of cases of temper come. "We will try a variety of certification, further challenges and that the wave of Tissot's abilities, but more important is to do some of the more solid the truth, and customers closer to the application of the application, with the actual wave that Tissot fully capable among the high-end server market. "

In fact, the wave has been achieved in many sectors of our key applications. For example during the 2003 college entrance examination, because SARS cases, need to build a strong network of consulting platform, Tissot is the entrance counseling network platform strong backing. In the past two weeks during the 24-hour operation to meet the needs of nearly 10 million visit the candidates, past candidates to avoid the application consultation process with a dense chaotic scenes to ensure that the extraordinary period of social stability. In addition, the wave of Tissot in the treasury system, the social security system, tax system, e-government, weather and many other key areas of outstanding performance.

Certification through the Human World War and the VC test, wave Tissot has been demonstrated to enter the high-end server market overall technical strength. However, we must not only overcome international brands in the technology, but also in the market to win, this journey in terms of the wave Tissot is another, "the Dakar Rally." But you can see, in the Chinese business computing market, has burst on the scene towering wave of Tissot, the high-performance development strategies are also being gradually emerge. In response, the wave of Senior Vice President Wang Endong does not mince words: "As the banner of high performance computing research, wave Tissot accumulated over the years has been to the overall development of the time."

"Development of high-end server is the wave of people dream of." Peng Zhen, general manager of the wave of the server says


Wave Tissot Server Events

November 2002, the wave start "Tissot works."

April 2003, the official release wave wave-based "flexible deployment of" design concept of the Tissot family of high-performance servers.

May 2004, the tide Tissot to 56180phH (composite queries per hour capacity) before the break and breaking maintained by the IBM Global Business Intelligence in the computing world records (TPC-H).

September 2004, Tissot to become the world's first wave of high-speed Internet technology-based international certification through the OCE high-performance server products in China.

December 2004, wave and BEA cooperation in SPECjAppServer2002 tests, the results again 1638.97TOPS broke 1574TOPS previously created by the HP commercial transaction processing (SPEC) world record.

March 2005, the tide Tissot awarded with the "second prize of national science and technology."

By the end of 2005, Ministry of wave Tissot was "important invention of Information Industry" award.

August 2006, Tissot wave of the "wave Cup" China's first man-machine chess battle and defeat the five Chinese Chess Master League, and with "the first person of Chinese chess," Xu Yinchuan war and.

September 2006, the tide Tissot company passed the Oracle database system credible international certification (Oracle VC), a global first, China's first certified by the server vendor.


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Chino conflict" Comment

Dark Messiah of configuration requirements, and lower than L4D

Also a shock melee fun FPS, there are few places of innovation, against a sense of feel good, bloody effects of too low. Maybe the author of a lack of confidence in the recent war game, the game appeared in arms, a few points must use the gun, but does not mean you can abuse RELOAD very long time, and shoot a gun when not running the most important weapon in hand is easily be destroyed on the ground (good idea), so difficult is easily under attack from reliance on firearms, deliberately bent over to pick up the gun is more likely to be cruel enemy chrysanthemum burst.

Learned in recent combat operations experience of predecessors, Qing Quan fast, slow but heavy blows can break defense. Violent attack can stun the target, you can came up every now (similar to Resident Evil 4) will certainly Zou Ren's not just you, there is an enemy you can use both hands Ying Dang, but this is usually not optimistic about the outcome may start Only one person pounding you, then other people involved, that is, we often hit the. A better strategy is in the opponents to the side shot of the moment get away, call him a punch at the same time, but not everything, sometimes you flash to another fist in front of the bandits. So the game allows you to make a flash bomb like Onimusha 3 action, can quickly resolve the enemy's attack and give a strong kick AI will dodge and parry, it also constitutes a complete offensive and defensive systems. In addition you can also pick up the stick for beating on what to BOSS, but not the kind of pleasure fists.

Monotonous scene and the AI is not high and did not give this fight to play the system too much space, so the whole game of all is not high, but I have to complain not only of these, the game automatically locks the enemy's design makes me a little angry In addition to causing dizziness, vomiting, did not give me any good. I really hope that the game did not chain given system. Flexible control of the mouse on the view do not need to lock to superfluous game gives the first impression (and perhaps only impression) is Sincere to the meat of the pleasure, so close combat FPS without a loved one can be under-free.

I think a melee FPS is not the lack of feel and moves the system, but the overall level design and detail. And fire departments have different melee distance visual problems in the battle difficult prone to punching each other's embarrassing Dabu Zhao (too close to the first hit in, then easily), the expectation of improvement works. Boxing may be to emphasize the confrontation right-hand punch, such as my partner Zuoquan you which direction the flash, the right fist in which direction you should the flash.

Click on the lifting of E, E is likely a few locked again, poor baby, you were definitely in the game seems a lot of crimes are used to something you play the game tends to play by E, which is the legendary self-abuse type player? I on E this key has no special preference and automatically lock to the screen shaking is severe, no way to retreat, narrow view to only see one person in addition to any role (including your use of the handle play).

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Using Photoshop Background Eraser Easy Matting

Ready to write a series of tutorials, whose aim is to explore some not commonly used but can we get a lot of windfall function. To start a discussion for a number of Adobe's Fans to try to find some Adobe software is not worth looking at features that make them work for us to play a greater role.

Today we Laijiang Jiang background eraser tool, this tool has not generally Zan did not tell him.

Closer to home, the book received earlier, so why not do this tool? It ye can not do such a? We all know people who did the design, sometimes with pictures, do some small comp to do for the customer to confirm, and sometimes deduction plan deducted half a day in return comp was shot in the news, there will be more heart felt extremely depressed, in fact, The comp is mainly to see a large effect, does not need to do is fine, so the background eraser to come in handy.

Do not lip service, we take a look at the background eraser tool inserted in the end what can be done!

Let's look at the status of tool options bar, the next chart is the default state of the software background eraser tool bar.

What action do not, just draw a map, you can see the results obtained are not ideal, there are some parts of the hand had erased.

Press Ctrl + Z to return the previous step, the tool bar with 30% tolerance, then again, drawing a map, you can see the effect of bad results. So, here's usefulness with Mobanggongju tolerance tolerance is the same as the background eraser tool is the color of tolerance to do the job.

Once again, the screen when the background eraser tool to use, the result is not satisfactory.

Press Ctrl + Z to return the previous step, again using the background eraser tool screen, the result is true. That our analysis as to why the parameters of the two has not changed, there are different changes? Take note of the background eraser cursor, cursor middle of a "+" coordinates, when the "+" cursor position you want to erase the time, better results can be clashes.

Another way to say "+" character cursor position is the sampling point, when the sampling points to determine position, after sampling the color, the color tolerance of similar color will be erased. (If your cursor is not the case, the implementation of Ctrl + K, in the Preferences dialog box, in the "display cursor" in the tab in the Settings)

Speaking of the cursor would start to talk about the background to the three sampling the eraser. There are three sampling methods, continuous, time, background palette. These three methods all have their own very unusual role. Here we are introduced one by one.

Row: "+" character cursor center constantly mobile, will also continue to change the sampling point, then erase the effects of more continuous.

Time: "+" character by pressing the mouse cursor center-click on the color sample, then do not release the mouse button, the sample can be easy to erase the color, do not worry, "+" character Centre will run a picture of the other somewhere. As long as the other color samples to release the mouse button and then press the mouse you can repeat the above operation.

Background Color: "+" cursor at this time has no effect, and this time the background eraser tool only on the background color and the color of tolerance similar to erase.

Select erase a restricted mode. "Discontinuous" erase any location in the sample under the brush color; "continuous" sample of the color and erase contain interconnected regions; "Find edges" erase the color of the link contains the sample area, while the shape of the edge to better retention sharpening level. In fact, these three constraints is not obvious, it is recommended to use "discrete" option.

The last option on the very important, sometimes erasing the background, leaving the edge of a more severe mottle, as shown below:

If you use the background eraser tool again and then trying to remove those miscellaneous side, it is easy to want to erase the image to be erased, particularly the use of "continuous" and "a" sample, it is easy to wipe clean to want to the image, the image will not be erased with a suction tool to set the foreground color, so check the "Protection of foreground" option, it will not wipe to clean the place was not.

Provide practice last image:

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